The Summer of Doing Stuff – what a spur of the moment decision gets you


Awwww…. Summer.

Suntans. Green grass. Pretty flowers. No school zones to drive through. Fishing at the crack of dawn. Pool parties. Fresh-from-the-garden veggies. Beer drinking at the river. Chores.

Wait…what? Why is chores included on my idyllic list? Because I’ve gone and done something those who know me would say, “You’ve gone and done a stupid thing Cin”. I joined The Summer of Doing Stuff hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Karen Bertelsen, of The Art of Doing Stuff.

Karen stayed up one night drinking a jug of Lambrusco and thought of ways to torture the devoted followers of her blog. At least that’s how I imagine all of this went down. She came up with a bright idea of challenging her peeps to do things around their homes….things that have long been put off….things we don’t know where to start or how to start…..things like that. Each of the next three months has a theme.

  • June: I am challenged to eat a frog. Complete a project I’ve put off for a long time. Check. It’s a triple check as you’ll see shortly.
  • July: It’s a backyard challenge….create a relaxing area. July also comes with relaxation and meditative tips that I could probably use at this very moment because, like I said, I’ve gone and done something stupid.
  • August: This is a four room blowout month. Delete, ditch, declutter one room each week. When my husband reads this post I know for certain he will be looking forward to August.

So what is my frog? Oh I went big time my friends. I went with the laundry room:

summer of doing stuff 1
The insanity of these doors opening into each other has got to stop! The clutter on top of the machines will be gone. I have to figure out the plumbing configuration in the back so that the machines can be pushed back some. Maybe then I can reach the cabinet and shelves.

summer of doing stuff 2
No words need be said. We all know what needs to be done here.

summer of doing stuff 3
This is a long plank of wood that is basically secured at each end. The plank rests on a puny 1×2 strip along the back wall and even that is broke. We are careful not to put anything heavy up here.

Walls and ceiling will be painted a cheery color.

My success will be epic. Or…my failure will be epic.

Stay tuned!!

Unrulys….what did I do to deserve a double wammy?

What did I do? What sin did I commit? Why oh why did this happen? What you ask? Unrulys! That’s what.

After reading my last post if you got the definite feeling that I have a hatred for water primrose, aka the aquatic devil’s plant, you would have hit the nail on the head. I call them the aquatic devil’s plant because there is a land species of the devil’s plant. I have been dealing with them for the past 13 years while working on property we own. The proper name for it is: poison sumac.
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Beauty tips from an unglamour puss

Here is where ‘beauty’ and ‘unglamour’ will live happily ever after.

Beauty tips. From me. Hahahaha! And do you know that unglamour is not a word? I’m sure you do. But its a word now….at least in my dictionary because I added it. It’s official. In trying to find an antonym for glamour the Great and Wonderful Google had two:
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Workout Day ……what workout?

This is a post I’ve been dreading to write. The old, normal, comfortable behavior has won out again. This is why posting about weight loss was a scary thing to start. What if I failed? Well, I did fail.

I quit. I went two days with no workout so the third day was easy to skip. I did not make it a priority. Yes, I got busy. Yes, I was called in to work. Yes, life happened. So what? I’m glad life happened…means I’m alive. 🙂
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Workout…Day Ten

So I’m gonna have to figure out other titles for my workout routine posts. Workout….Day OneHundredFortySeven just won’t cut it I think.

Day Ten…first of all…I did it!! Yeah me!

Day Ten is a day for me to decide how I want to move forward. I’ll tell you the truth: My plan was to start Self Magazine’s Six Weeks to Summer Challenge. I had an ulterior motive though. I would do the challenge and participate in the social media set up for challengers and drop my blog website in my posts and tweets. It’s a great plan to get readers to my blog if I do say so myself! The only thing is…that workout routine is not setting well with me. Here’s why:
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Vintage Market Days….we went, we searched, we bought

Last Friday my brother, Billy, and sis-in-law, Carmen, and I went to Vintage Market Days in the bustling town of Kellyville, Oklahoma. It was a 3-day event; we went on day 1…the best time to get the best stuff!

Billy and Carmen were camping at Skiatook Lake:
vintage market days - campsite
Spring is such a pretty time to camp. Everything is turning green and the flies aren’t pestering you yet. I drove out there to meet them and we took the back roads to Kellyville.
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Workout…Days Four to Nine

Because I’m still new to blogging my blogs take a bit of time to write. Which is why these six days of my workout routine are lumped into one post. Other things in my life had to get done man. Things like grocery shopping and cooking and house cleaning and yard work take a back seat when I stay glued to my computer. So, in a nutshell here goes:
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