Blog entry #1 – What to say?? Read on!

Hey there!

As I write I’m writing to myself because I’m the only one at the party. That means I can dance like no one is watching….because no one is watching. Cue Pandora: 60’s 70’s & 80’s.

My name is Cindy. Nice to meet you in advance.

So I have this vision in my head of how I want to live the last decades (I hope its pleural) of my life. Menopause, and wisdom honed from a lifetime of lessons learned, has given me a brand new set of balls. And they’re pretty large balls.

(Aretha….Respect….get it on girl!)

In the pursuit of my vision quest I’ve been led to making my own way in this life by selling things that interest me on Etsy. I feel like I’m a pretty normal girl and I feel confident in what interests me probably interests a million other people. The second pursuit is: I have put on some poundage over the last ten years and I don’t want to carry it anymore. I used to have a nice slightly rounded stomach….what the hell happened?! Losing weight after menopause is a completely different ball game and I want to share what I find that works for me. I want to end my days on this earth living the life I WANT to live. I want to live out loud! In your face! In MY face! So that’s what I’ve started doing.

sheislivinoutloud….that’s my name… I am now….it’s a work in progress

In January I was full blown ready to get this started. ‘They’ say: “just take one change at a time and add another change after the previous change is incorporated into your life.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said….”not gonna happen.” I’ve too many things to do……a crap load of changes. There is no time for one change at a time. I told so many people I was going to start a weight loss blog and open a shop on Etsy that I’m committed now….blabbed it to too many people on purpose.

We’re on the back side of April now. In true Cindy fashion the weight loss blog has not been started. Everything is set up. Have I been scared to start writing about it? Maybe I should start exercising. It’s a commitment man. A responsibility to keep my readers engaged….when I get readers anyways. Do you have a hard time ‘starting’?

My Esty shop is about to open!!! Shop name? sheislivinoutloud. Of course. There’s more to do than one might think. I have big sheets of paper taped to the walls of my craft room detailing what all needs to be done to open a shop and start a blog. One sheet is dedicated to brainstorming….what do I want to make? What materials do I need? What goes first? Second? 12th? How do you spell twelveth anyways? You might know a person who is more detail oriented than myself but I promise there are not many out there. I’m definitely a proactive person. I like to do the work up front…..prep the walls before I paint.

But there comes a point where you just gotta start. Hence this blog post. Today I started my blog. “I do.” I’m committed.

But it IS too much to start all at once. While I do poo-poo the one-change-at-a-time advice I realize that too many changes at one time sets you up for failure. I can’t count the number of times I’ve failed. How about you? If you’re one of the million peeps like myself you’ve failed a gazillion times too. But it’s okay friends! Start again. We’re the fortunate ones…..we can start over and over….we have that choice. And I have to say that my sheets of notes and to-do’s taped to the walls of a bedroom turned craft room are instrumental in keeping me moving forward.

Note to self:
Add another item to the Blog sheet: You started the blog…keep it going

So I have thoughts on the delay of my weight loss blog but this post is long enough. Since I’m the only reader at this point it’s about as long a post I’d want to read. In closing…and this is weird…..every song that played on Pandora was synced to the paragraph I was writing during that particular song. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…..Take on Me….even Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees.

Cool…but weird.

Thanks for reading….in advance.


I did it! I started! Bam!