My blog has been weighing heavy on my mind because if you have one you gotta post regularly right?

A handful of kind people have read my blog and I’m certain y’all are wondering where the heck I’ve been. Yeah right!

Two weeks ago I worked every day at my job that actually puts food on the table and funds my Etsy passion. I’m a surgical-technologist-wanna-be-successful-etsy-entrepreneur. Working in surgery is pretty cool. The only two things that gross me out are removing finger/toe nails and teeth. Mafia hoodlums can have it. Let me tell you….I have seen some things. And I take great pride in being a part of helping people in their moment of need.

But that is all I can say about my job. I take HIPPA laws seriously and cannot speak about a specific surgery even if I don’t mention any names.

Another time I’ll post some important observations in regard to female cancers as I’ve scrubbed in many of them.

Scrub girl

Scrub girl — with no makeup and after working very late into the night

My next post catches you up to today. I know you can’t wait!

Thanks for reading….

Facebook and other social media…who has the time??

I stopped the production line on my luggage covers to listen to a webinar on Facebook marketing. I’m telling ya…you truly don’t have to spend a penny on promotion these days. It’s great. There are so many people out there who came before me and want to share their knowledge…for free. My favorite price! But the kicker is: you HAVE to put in the time and sweat.

For the past few weeks my time and sweat has been consumed with mastering the art of mitered seams using double fold bias tape:bias tape hell

Which is a component of these bad boys:
A pile of nearly completed luggage covers

The webinar lost me right at the start when I typed in my FB address to chat: It didn’t work. How did I not know this? So while trying to listen to and grasp the concepts of fan page promotion, affinity, weight, and time decay I kept going back to “why the heck doesn’t my fan page link work??” First things first man.

By the time the webinar ended I really didn’t hold on to much of the info presented. Sorry Tim! You’re still my Etsy hero!

But !!

The link to my fan page works. Try it: sheislivinoutloud

And !!

My fan page is linked to my blog so now my blog will automatically post to FB.

Bam !!

All was not lost during the webinar. I truly do not know how much of my time and sweat will be allotted to all that is Facebook but I’m really loving this blog thing and now that it’s linked to FB…I’m doing pretty good.

Back to my luggage covers. All they need is elastic on the bottoms. And straps. And photographing. And photo editing. And posting to my shop. And a drink. For me.

These covers ROCK! My son and I ran up to Kohl’s last night….whose security cameras know me well by now…for a final fitting on several different luggage brands. It fits so well. I really did my homework and my design has turned out great. I’ll be posting on the whole process soon. And selling them in my shop. This link works too!: sheislivinoutloud – the coolest little shop around