Unrulys….what did I do to deserve a double wammy?

What did I do? What sin did I commit? Why oh why did this happen? What you ask? Unrulys! That’s what.

After reading my last post if you got the definite feeling that I have a hatred for water primrose, aka the aquatic devil’s plant, you would have hit the nail on the head. I call them the aquatic devil’s plant because there is a land species of the devil’s plant. I have been dealing with them for the past 13 years while working on property we own. The proper name for it is: poison sumac.
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Beauty tips from an unglamour puss

Here is where ‘beauty’ and ‘unglamour’ will live happily ever after.

Beauty tips. From me. Hahahaha! And do you know that unglamour is not a word? I’m sure you do. But its a word now….at least in my dictionary because I added it. It’s official. In trying to find an antonym for glamour the Great and Wonderful Google had two:
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Workout Day ……what workout?

This is a post I’ve been dreading to write. The old, normal, comfortable behavior has won out again. This is why posting about weight loss was a scary thing to start. What if I failed? Well, I did fail.

I quit. I went two days with no workout so the third day was easy to skip. I did not make it a priority. Yes, I got busy. Yes, I was called in to work. Yes, life happened. So what? I’m glad life happened…means I’m alive. 🙂
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