I Resolve To……….

Yes, I know we’re on the brink of April but I still need to decide my 2016 New Year Resolution. Actually I’m ahead of schedule…considering my history of this momentous declaration. I have issues resolving my resolve.

The only three that matter are the two I’ve succeeded with and the one I almost did. The others…nah…you don’t need to know and I don’t need to remember.

  • 2001: I resolved to change out my toothbrush every month. I decided on this one during the summer. Success! But at some point in 2003 things got crazy and I stopped. I suppose I should finally buy a new one. (just kidding)
  • 2014: I resolved to change out the empty roll of toilet paper with a new one and throw the empty roll away. This one came to me in May. Success! I am 342-0. Not one full roll of paper has sat on the back of the toilet, nor has one empty roll been left to collect dust. Also…because I was so serious in my resolve…NO t-p roll has escaped me. Not at work, movie theaters, or friends and family homes. I rock!! And I’m still going strong.
  • 2015: Riding on the heels of my 2014 success I shot higher. I resolved to not let my gas tank go below 1/4 and I was to wash and vac my Camaro once a month. That’s what a big head will do. Set you up for failure. Wash and vac quickly was removed from this resolution. I would say I’m 60-40 with the gas. Not a success. And I was stupid enough to create a set of NYR’s during the summer: a big F on all of them.

While I’ve been thinking about my 2016 NYR since last Fall its the onset of Spring that has forced me to declare. Some choices pondered:

  • Call on the phone a real person, friend or family, once a week to TALK.
  • Eat all the fresh veggies and fruits I buy.
  • Wash and beautify my face and neck every night. I used to do this without fail.
  • Plant everything I buy. Case in point:resolve resolved
  • Along the lines of beautifying…moisturize my body when I get out of the shower. I can’t speak for everyone like me (poor you) but when you stay home (no office attire), or change into scrubs as soon as you get to work (no office attire), or you just wear jeans most of the time, you can get a little lazy. My skin is showing that laziness. But here’s the thing, whenever I start to moisturize I hear Buffalo Bill say, “It puts the lotion on it’s skin..” and it creeps me out. (The Silence of the Lambs) Perhaps I should speak with someone about that.

There were a few more contenders but these are the ones that have stayed in my head. I guess the winner ought to be the one that has prompted me to write this post:


It’s officially Spring. We are about to go on a plant buying spree like we always to. I resolve to plant every single plant that Kelly or I buy.

Take away:
My opinion is to keep your NYR a bit on the light side. I mean, if you have the resolve and history to tackle more serious wishes then go for it. If not, keep it silly and simple. I tell you what, every time I change out that roll of toilet paper I do an air fist pump. It makes me feel really good that I’ve succeeded in this resolution for so long. I don’t care how minor it is. I’m doing it.

Thanks for reading!!

2 thoughts on “I Resolve To……….

  1. Cindy, I thought of you this morning. I went into the ladies room at the doctor’s office and immediately noticed the t.p. was right at the end of its roll. With you in mind, I replaced the nearly empty roll with a new one before attending to the purpose of my own visit therein. So, see… your words have meaning. They make me relate to you!!

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