Outside My Back Door, A Day In The Life

It’s such a beautiful morning that I had to step outside my back door.

The heavens opened up wide last night and rained it’s brains out. There’s something about stepping outside after a good rain….everything seems so much clearer, brighter, prettier. Here’s a few pics. Well, here’s a lot of pics:

outside my backdoor 1
This is our view. We call it a pond but it’s a watershed reservoir. It’s why we bought the place. The back left corner boundary of our property is in the water.

outside my backdoor 3
See all the green in the background? That is not land. What we didn’t know when we bought the house was the devil’s aquatic plant grows in the pond….water primrose. Now, primrose is a pretty flower in your garden. Water primrose is an invasive devil plant.

outside my backdoor 2
Hi froggie! See the devil’s plant? Kelly has been working his butt off trying to clear it from our boundary lines.

outside my backdoor 4
Zoie was very focused on something. Because we pretty much know what is in our yard, I had to go see what’s up. She just has a bone…but who knows where it came from. We found a bag of cat food last week. We don’t own a cat.

outside my backdoor 12
See the brown spot next to the willow tree (Kel gives our willow’s hair cuts)? That is Buddy haulin’ to greet his momma. He’s hoping that momma didn’t see him sneak back into the yard.

Hi momma! Why am I wet? I love you! slurp slurp slurp

outside my backdoor 13
We have fencing into the water. For a long time the dogs never left the yard. Then they found out water on their paws was no big deal. Then they found out they could swim. The lure of ‘the world outside our back yard’ is just too strong. :0)

outside my backdoor 5
Here is our garden. It’s not very big. We have tomatoes, varieties of hot peppers, and marigolds. The marigolds are supposed to keep certain pests off the tomatoes….companion planting. I need to pull weeds and lay down straw for mulch.

outside my backdoor 6
Kel’s pet project: growing wine grapes. This is their second year. You’re not supposed to actually grow grapes until the third year. One row is for red wine, the other for white wine. We’re winos….just sayin’.

outside my backdoor 9
Back to the aquatic devil’s plant, this is whats left of what Kel raked from the water. I’ll be posting that story soon. But for now just know that even removing water primrose from the water doesn’t kill it. Kel started burning it last night. It rained cats and dogs while we slept. And the plant pile is STILL smoking. Die devil plant! Die!

outside my backdoor 10
Our ride to get out to the water primrose that’s in the background of this photo. We bought a sprayer and some fish safe herbicide. You’re going down devil plant!

outside my backdoor 7
Kel worked in the railroad industry for 20+years. It was a lot of travel and he was burned out. I told him to quit. Take some time off and look for a job you’ll like. After the first two weeks we has going stir crazy. So he built a shed. It’s so pretty! I want to put cedar flower boxes under the windows.

outside my backdoor 8
But having a shed means one thing happens: yard work. A place for your work tools. If you go in there it’s because you’re gonna do work. work. work. work. Although….our kayaks are stored in there to. work.work.work.play.work.work.work.

outside my backdoor 15
Goodness sake……see how clear the pool water is? Last year was horrendous for the pool. Kel could not keep it clear to save his live. We hardly swam in it. This year, he cracked the code! He’s not using the usual chlorine, soda ash, and what all else you typically use. It has something to do with copper. That’s all I know. If you want to find out, send me a comment and I’ll get you the info.

outside my backdoor 14
To close out this post on outside our back door, this is where the fun is going to take place in a few short weeks. Actually, we’ve partied on the deck already even though the water was too cold to swim in.

My husband does most of the work. Taking all these pics, I am reminded of just how much work he does. He takes pride in having a pretty place. I must help him more from now on.

What’s outside our back door? I’d like to know!

Thanks for reading!

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