Spring….don’t you toy with me

We are enjoying beautiful end-of-winter weather here in northeast Oklahoma. I mean shed your jackets and long sleeve shirts kind of weather. It was 66 degrees yesterday and I’m tellin’ ya, it felt so warm. Has Spring come early?? My answer is: I won’t hold my breath. I’ve seen too many cold spells arrive at the end of March and even in April to announce: Spring Is Here!!!

But you wouldn’t know it from a trip to Lowe’s yesterday.

Whitebud and redbud trees, native to Oklahoma are blooming all over the place. You know what that means don’t you? I’m guessing you do not so I’ll tell you. The white bass are running! According to my husband.


Springtime means get your bulbs and fruit bushes in the ground! Unless of course we have a Spring freeze. Then you may have wasted some cash.


Ahh….daffodils. A sure sign Spring has sprung, right? This is a good time to comment on my photography from yesterday. When we have unseasonably warm weather it means one thing….a southern wind is blowing hard. I mean whip-the-life-out-of-you hard. The fact that you can even tell these are flowers, much less daffodils, is pretty amazing as they were blowing all over the place.


herb stands
Soon these shelves will be packed with all kinds of herbs, all varieties of tomatoes, ditto with hot peppers, squash, bells, the usual suspects. I will be buying any number of the above mentioned vegetables for our garden. I always do. I always say, “This year I’ll do good. Our garden will be lush with green plants bursting with colorful fruit.” It starts out well enough. Then the spider mites attack. I don’t know what it is. Those suckers refuse to die. No doubt there will be a future post dedicated to my warfare with these unruly arachnids.


Lastly, gotta include lawn mowers as a sure sign of Spring. Another slightly blurry photo. The mowers weren’t moving around. I was. My camera was. With the wind, I could not have stood still if my life depended on it. Well, maybe the mowers were moving now that I think about it.

So Mother Nature….don’t you toy with me lady. The humans have voted. We want Spring even if it means near tornadic winds. Please do not let winter come back until it’s supposed to. Like December.


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