Vintage Market Days….we went, we searched, we bought

Last Friday my brother, Billy, and sis-in-law, Carmen, and I went to Vintage Market Days in the bustling town of Kellyville, Oklahoma. It was a 3-day event; we went on day 1…the best time to get the best stuff!

Billy and Carmen were camping at Skiatook Lake:
vintage market days - campsite
Spring is such a pretty time to camp. Everything is turning green and the flies aren’t pestering you yet. I drove out there to meet them and we took the back roads to Kellyville.

Here we are!

vintage market days - at the door

Vintage Market Days!! Carmen, Cindy, and Billy about to hunt for treasure!

You know how it is when you look in the mirror and…obviously if you’re 50+ pounds overweight…it’s going to show. Well I do not recall looking in the mirror and seeing those huge boobs. Good lord!

The event took place in three barns:
vintage market days - barn
And I do mean barns…complete with dirt floors and wood shavings.

The first thing that got my attention was all the teepees:
vintage market days - teepee
There were teepees in all sizes. I guess they are popular with kids now instead of tents??? I missed the boat on that trend. That’s Billy to the right…I just love him!

A trend I do know about:
vintage market days - windmill 1
Windmill blades. This one sold first thing in the morning for $550. See the green ‘vases’ holding cotton? They are canisters for artillery shells….or some kind of big bullet. Clever!

vintage market days - windmill 2
This complete one was still up for grabs for $1200. It was just so freaking big!

Why buy a cow painting…..:
vintage market days - cow painting

When you can buy a cow bust!:
vintage market days - cow bust
Thanks for modeling it Carmen! (Noooo, she did not buy it. Ha!)

Someone is making a killing off of these:
vintage market days - m sign
Carmen and I each bought one. 12 buckaroos each. Was probably a couple of bucks to make.

Another trend I’ve missed out on:
vintage market days - succulents
Succulents were everywhere. I asked a vendor, “Who knew cacti were so popular??” She said, “I didn’t. I’m just doing what everyone else is doing.” oookaaay.

vintage market days - vicesBooks squeezed in a vice. Who woulda thought?

Here is a pic from a booth I couldn’t resist:
vintage market days - fav booth 1
This shop owner really has a good eye for my kind of vintage. Everything was well curated and displayed so attractively. I asked her, “Do you mind if I take a photo? I have a blog that nobody reads at the moment but I hope to have a following one day. I’d like to give your shop a shout out.” She was very happy and agreed and gave me her business card. Now, I can’t find that card! I’m sick about it. I’ll update this post if it turns up.

vintage market days - alcohol
True dat….

Another find:
vintage market days - glass bottle
This little beauty has an outer clear glass that was molded into a pretty pattern. Then there is the inner colored glass. I don’t remember what the process is called but there is a name for it. I’ll be putting beaded flowers in it. It will have a special place in my craft room.

Kelly got a little something too:
vintage market days - bottle opener
You’ll never lose a bottle opener if it’s screwed on to a wall….or to a post on the pool deck. Just sayin’.

And then I got hungry:
vintage market days - mike bbq 1
Man oh man. The aroma coming from this food truck sent my tummy into a tizzy.

And then I got stupid:
vintage market days - mike bbq 2
I couldn’t even take a pic first…I had to dig in. This sammie is called the Dog Pile. It is made with a thick slab of bologna, pulled pork, beef brisket, and hot link. My oh my! I never ate something like this before. I took it back to the food truck and had them wrap it up because it’s not meant to be eaten by women in one sitting. I ate it for dinner too. And felt it in my tummy 48 hours later. Of course, the donuts in the morning, the kettle corn while walking around, lemon cakes back at the campsite, and the cookie in this photo didn’t help the situation. It was a day of gluttony and I paid the price.

Back to shopping and walking around……..

Here’s a cool idea:
vintage market days - paint brushes
It’s not my thing but it’s a cool way to display somethin’. I first saw this on a blog that I follow: The Art of Doing Stuff. Karen is hilarious and leads a pretty interesting life. Her post is using old shoe brushes. Check her out!

vintage market days - skinny bitch

Here are pics from another person I asked to photograph her things. And her business card is with the other shop owner’s card. I would really like to share their names with you. I told them I would!
vintage market days - cacti booth 1
She made these arrangements. This pic doesn’t do her talent justice.

vintage market days - cacti booth 2
This one might. I wanted this arrangement so so bad but I just couldn’t swing the $225 price. It’s succulents and dried flowers arranged on a long bread board. The problem with my photos is I’m having to reduce their size because of upload restrictions with either WordPress or my hosting site…I’m not sure which. I have a 2M upload limit that is driving me crazy! (I’ve griped about this in an earlier post.) The photos lose their clarity when I have to reduce their pixel size. arg!

Another find for me:
vintage market days - wood scoop
I bought the big scoop on the right but they were all so very cool. Paper Whites that I bought from Magnolia Market (Fixer Upper peeps) will be planted in it. I’ll post when I have it done!

My brother bought this:
vintage market days - billys gun bank
It’s a bank! You cock the gun, place a coin on the shaft, aim it at the slit that’s part of the bank, and pull the trigger. If the coin makes it in you have some savings. If not, the bank robber in front of the bank raises his hands. We took videos of our attempts to shoot the coins but, as I said earlier, I have uploading restrictions. It’s a shame cuz it’s pretty funny!

vintage market days - copper planter
Look at these. They are copper pots with silver brushed on the copper. The guy said they are from Turkey. I had to buy one! I’m thinking of drilling a hole in the bottom and making it into a planter. Or hang it in the kitchen. Or hang it in my craft room. Help!

vintage market days - aint no museum

vintage market days - the loot
Here is our haul. Doesn’t look like much does it? We all did very well with our spending and being the vintage nuts that we are, that was hard to do. My bro and sis bought the cool arrows, the wooden cross made by a very talented guy, the little chicken wire holder with three vases by the top of the cross, a “G” metal tile painted wall hanging thing, a charm cut from metal that’s a camper (in the foreground), plus the gun bank. Carmen and I both bought two little ceramic birds too. In the back is a bag of Sweet Daddy Corn. Man that is some tasty popcorn. They ship! You ought to buy some.

We had the best time! Vintage Market Days is coming back in October and we’ll probably go again. It’s not Round Top by any means but it was pretty dang good…a lot of booths, quality finds, and some plain ole junk to boot! One day though we will have to get to Round Top….

Is there a Vintage Market in your neck of the woods? If so, you must go.

Thanks for reading!

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