When Life Is Interrupted ….

I’ve been doing pretty good getting posts on this ole blog of mine with some consistency. But then my life was interrupted….

life interrupted

We have a house my brother and sister-in-law, Billy and Carmen, have been staying in for the past couple of months. This is a picture of what used to be a nice hot tub house complete with a sweet hot tub. It burnt to the ground in the wee hours of Monday morning. Why is it most fires start at night? I’ll have to Google that.

life interrupted

To make it worse this neighborhood has zero lot lines meaning one side of your house is basically the fence for your neighbor. The house in the background is our neighbor’s and it sustained damage too. We have a small side yard over there on that side of our house. The opposite side of our house is like our neighbor’s…it is exposed to our other neighbor’s backyard. Hope that makes sense.

For us, the damage is all external save for cleaning the walls and carpet to remove the smell of smoke inside. Bill and Carmen are getting their clothes cleaned and personal things wiped down. Our neighbor has some internal damage but is relatively minor…the fire did not burn into his house thank God. Still, we are just sick about it.

We are so very fortunate. My bro and sis had been gone for a month and just returned home a couple of days before this happened. They woke up to what they thought was the sound of hail. It was the outer pane of the bedroom window popping. If they had not been there, two homes would have sustain so much more damage if not completely burned down.

I cannot imagine losing all that I own to a fire. Losing a loved one or pet goes without saying. Yes, it’s easy to say personal property are just things. You can say that when you haven’t suffered the loss. We are so very fortunate. Only our hot tub and it’s house bit the dust. Nothing else was lost except our ability to say, “They are only things,” without the actual feeling of losing things and being on the brink of losing everything. I’ve come as close as I ever want to get to the feeling and the experience.

The cause is currently undetermined but we’ll hopefully have some answers shortly.

This morning I opened the door to let the dogs out and and I smelled smoke. Fear ran through me for just a moment. I hope that will fade away.

My sis said she never thinks about where she places her slippers or her robe when she goes to bed. (I don’t either.) Her phone might be in another room charging for the night. Sunday night, she just happened to put her robe and slippers at the end of the bed and her phone was near her. There is truly no time to look for what you need when there is a fire.

I’m not saying we have to be scared or paranoid…of course not. But it’s not a bad idea to put some things in the same place every night before you go to sleep. Life is interrupted sometimes….

And, Carmen was so grateful she wore something decent to bed that night. Ha!!

Thanks for reading!

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