Workout…Day Three

Are you wondering if I’m going to have 365 posts charting each day I workout? Fear not. That ain’t gonna happen. But I do feel the first several days are important because many of us do not get past that. So I want to help get you past the first challenge (stopping after a few days) and by doing it it will get me past it too.

So…day three. I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped working out on day two. Meaning, day three didn’t happen. Being the curious sort, I went to the Great and Powerful Google to find out:
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Workout…Day Two

(Note from me…for some reason I didn’t publish this yesterday. I thought I hit the button!)

Did I want to get up this morning? No. Not at all. Doesn’t your bed feel the best ever when you’re supposed to get off of it? Man, mine sure does. Thank you Kelly for getting my butt out of our bed!

Did I want to exercise this morning? Not really. I did a chore when I got up instead of starting my workout. The house needs cleaning…okay! You know it’s bad when you want to clean house to avoid doing something else. But my inner voice reigned supreme and I worked out. What did that voice say that got me moving?
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Exercising and Weight Loss….Ugh!

I have several blog entries that I wrote last year about exercising. In fact, what motivated me to start a blog in the first place was to chart weight loss in the menopausal years with a sense of humor. Those entries are full of excitement and are really funny…a pep talk to myself. But they were never posted because I didn’t continue past a week in any of my attempts. Being 55 and in full blown menopause for several years now, weight loss is not easy to master. But too….it’s not easy to master at any age as I’ve been on this road for 20 years.
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The Best Tool Ever …

So I had started on my molehill-to-mountain project of decorating and organizing my craft room last week. After a weekend spent doing outside chores, the plan was to get back in that room this past Monday. But we had a fire at another house we own early Monday morning. Wow, that is a time-consuming event to handle. With this week is nearing its end I just now have time to get back to it. Which brings me to: The Best Tool Ever!

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F R E E D O M ! ! ! …. Choose a Paint Palette

So I want to really make my craft room pretty and functional.

To that end, my sister-in-law, Carmen, is coming to help me decorate. It’s good to have another opinion and it’s certainly more fun, you know?

To that end, I feel I must get the room cleaned up and cleared out…..just like the professionals do. They clear the room completely out and only bring back in what is useful and/or pretty and place it in the perfect spot.

To that end, I feel its a good time to go ahead and paint it. You see, this is what happens. All I want is stuff on the walls. Now, I have a cleared out craft room and a junked up spare bedroom. This is not the first time this scenario has played out. The goal is to keep the turnaround time to a minimum.

Making mountains out of molehills is something I’m pretty good at. I’ll be posting this adventure once it’s all done but, for now, there is the issue of paint color:
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Great Sale on WordPress tutorials! Sale ends April 4

I realize there are only a few souls who are following me at this point…and I’m grateful for all three of you. ha!

I’ve come across a great sale and you know us girls. Even if it can’t be worn, displayed or eaten we cannot pass up a great sale. The author of the book I bought, WordPress for Beginners, has a website: ezSEO Newsletter. His name is Andy Williams and I’ve been learning so much from him.

Anyways he is having a killer sale on some important online tutorials if you are blogging…..want to start blogging….want to optimize your online presence….or are in LocalHost hell like myself. The normal cost for courses on sale is anywhere from $49 to $199. Through April 4th, they are being offered at the rock bottom price of $8….that’s right…it is not a typo.

I purchased:

  • How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search
  • SEO 2016 – Better Search Engine Ranking With Safe SEO
  • Install WordPress Locally – No Monthly Web Hosting Costs.
    • This course is going to be my savior….I’ll be beating that puny 2M max file size and posting video content before you know it. Bam!

For me, 24 buckaroos well spent. If you are into blogging you know there are a gazillion websites to help you. So many in fact that you (meaning, I) can’t move forward because you’re (meaning, I’m)  searching for just the right one. Look no further my three amigos…Andy has us covered.

stick girl dancing

A Week In Pictures….

It’s been an interesting and full week in my neck of the woods.

It began like this:
week start
Made a mad dash to the craft store. Forgot I was in my slippers until I got out of the car. Pajama bottoms and no bra would have put me in full blown Oklahoma podunk territory.

My mad dash was for supplies for a custom order luggage cover:
I just love it and I hope my customer does too! (please forgive the flower bed)

Then I started on a new item that will be in my Etsy shop very soon:
I’m venturing into home storage products. VERY EXCITING!! These fabric bins are not quite complete. I haven’t put the finishing touches on them that will make them stand out from the crowd. That’s the thing about having a shop on Etsy…or any place you sell your handmade things…you may or may not be reinventing the wheel. You look to see how you can make things from your vision. Wait until you see what I do with these babies!!

So I declared my New Year Resolution this past week and put my resolve to the test the following day:
I resolved to plant everything I buy. I didn’t resolve that I had to plant everything I buy on the same day…or the next day…or the next day. Nothing here is going to die.

While on that shopping trip another impulse buy was made:
luck charms
It was a toss up between Lucky Charms and Capn’ Crunch.

The ‘Charms won out because I felt it would go better with:
Breakfast of Champions…..:-)

By Friday I had more fabric bins sewn up:
bin sets
I’m using fabrics you cannot find at your local stores. The owls are so cute. The middle big bin is called Tree Party. I love it! My plan is to buy yardage of several designs from a designer’s theme so they can be mixed-and-matched. What do you think? Good idea? Another type of bin is in the works that I don’t think you’ll be finding on Etsy. I’m super excited about it!! Again…this is not the final product. They will ROCK!

On Friday we found our boat trailer had a serious safety problem:
This is called a square U-bolt. We’re not sure what happened but what I can tell you is the boat is secured to the part of the trailer that is about to come off the main frame. I spent Friday night going from place to place to find a replacement bolt. Never even heard of a square u-bolt until then. Learn something new every day…..

Saturday was spent with my honey on a local river fishing for sand bass:
Sand bass are spunky fish. They flop and jerk all over the place. Every Spring when the sand bass “run” you just have to cast your lure into the water and these suckers bang into it. It’s fun fishing! Don’t ask me what’s up with my thighs being two different sizes or why I’m holding this fish with my pinky out….I dunno…

The week ended like this:
week end
White socks bulging out from leather slip-ons.

I promise….I typically think about footwear a bit more than I did this week. Notice at the beginning of the week I was in capris and at the end of the week I was layered up. That’s because Spring left us for a few days….as I knew it would.

Thanks for reading!! I so appreciate it. Please let me know if you have something to say!