Beauty tips from an unglamour puss

Here is where ‘beauty’ and ‘unglamour’ will live happily ever after.

Beauty tips. From me. Hahahaha! And do you know that unglamour is not a word? I’m sure you do. But its a word now….at least in my dictionary because I added it. It’s official. In trying to find an antonym for glamour the Great and Wonderful Google had two:

disenchantment, disillusionment

Glamorous had many antonyms. Just a few here:

boring, repulsive, inelegant, plain, repellent, repulsive, ugly, unfashionable, dull, lackluster

There are those who know me who may argue the unfashionable antonym, but the rest?? No way.

I had been pondering the idea of a Beauty category since the beginning of my blog. Because, really, I do have a few tips and tricks under my sleeve. What prompted me to finally do it is this post on Mother’s Day:

beauty tips - 1st post

I posted this selfie to a Facebook group called Beauty At Home. Ever hear of it? If not, let me just say that it is a subject for a post on another day. For now, just know that if you are guilty of binge watching a hundred different TV series on Netflix, you would get into BAH. Not that I would know anything about binge watching. I couldn’t tell you anything about

Longmire, Orange Is The New Black, Better Call Sal, Nurse Jackie, The Ranch, Narcos, House of Cards, Bloodline, Crossing Lines.

Back to BAH, complete strangers were kind enough to compliment me. And 2,652 people Like me…they really really like me. (Sally Field winning an Oscar for those of you who weren’t even in the womb yet at that time). It wasn’t really 2,652 Likes but the number sound goods. 🙂

So I mentioned to the kind strangers asking about my makeup that I was going to create a category about Beauty (hahahaha) on my blog. So without further adieu, here is my first post to my Beauty category….ta da!

I feel like this first entry should be very basic. I’m a normal Jane and I’m about to show you just how normal I am. I’m about to show you me with no makeup. It’s just one pic….one little pic from the 41 pics I snapped. To be fair and so you don’t think I’m totally wacko, several of the pics were set to snap 3 shots in a row. But still, I now have a ton of selfies that look like prison mug shots. Photography is a tricky thing and I wanted to Photoshop my prison mug just a tad but I did not. Here is me, untouched….clearly:

beauty tips - 1st post

To be truthful my beauty flaws are not as clear in this pic as I see them in my magnifying makeup mirror. So let me point out a few things:

beauty tips -1st post

  1.  Of all the 41 pics, I chose the one with a hair going across my face.
  2. Pimples.
  3. Vitiligo patches. It’s an auto immune disease where the melanin (your skin pigment) in skin cells attack one another so your skin looses it’s color. It’s been a blessing and a curse. Curse because: those with AI diseases rarely develop just one kind. So far it’s the only one I know of. Blessing: If my skin turning white is the worst that will happen to me with an AI disease I’ll take it. Also, it caused me to wear skin block religiously. I’m Indian, Osage and Chickasaw with a bit of Kaw thrown in. I can tan very, very dark. It’s not a pretty sight on my face as the vitiligo patches do not tan.
  4. Skimpy eyebrows. Part of my Indian heritage I think. We are not a hairy people. I’m sure age is cursing them as well. I cannot tell you the last time I plucked my eyebrows.
  5. Hooded eyelids. Again, part of the Indian in me and father time. I want a bleph really bad. Blepharoplasty…where the surgeon removes a wedge of eyelid skin and fat.
  6. Arcus senilis. Its an opaque-colored ring around the outer boundary of my cornea. Comes with age and probably not eating healthy. It was a pretty purple in the beginning and I kinda liked it. But now, I miss my beautiful brown eyes.
  7. Rosacea. Cystic-like acne to the max.
  8. Redness from a couple of pimples I popped when I got out of the shower. I popped them knowing I’d be taking this pic. How gross is that?? Anyone know of a PPA….pimple poppers anonymous?
  9. Gray hair. About a quarter inch that has grown out. One of these days I plan to go au naturel. I see women, models mostly, that are rockin’ their lives. They’re fit, happy, and comfortable in their skin. And their gray looks amazing. I’m one out of the three requirements. But when I hit all three….we’ll see.
  10. A bad dye job of older roots. It was not my stylist’s fault by any means. I used a product called HairPrint a couple of months before I went to her crying for help. Ever hear of it? In a nutshell, it’s a natural way to restore hair color. But it only works on brown and black hair…no other colors at all. And, you are not supposed to use it on hair that’s been chemically treated. So I broke two of the two rules and paid the price man. First, I didn’t stop to think about my beautiful hair in days of yore…all the blond and red strands that were natural highlights before the gray took over. And, quite frankly, it was a pain in the ass trying not to get the HairPrint treatment on the rest of my chemically treated hair so I gave up trying and smear the stuff on every strand all the way to the ends. If you ever decide to use Hair Print….DO NOT do what I did. Anyways, the chemical color didn’t take on my new gray roots and all my stylist and I can think is it has something to do with that stupid HairPrint. So I have a strip of gray, and a 1.5 inch layer of something that looks like a poor dye job, and the remainder is a weird black/brown mess. I really messed up.
  11. Broken capillaries around the nose.
  12. Back fat sneaking over my shoulders to become front fat.
  13. There is no 13 on my pic. But this is what 13 is: a big round circle around my face. I used to have a pretty heart-shaped face. I miss it. 60 pounds over your healthy weight is going to give you a fat face.

So this is me. Did you notice there is one thing I did not mention?

Lines. I did not point out lines on my face.

All in all, I’m not too concerned about them. My skin, lines-wise, is doing pretty good. “Good genes” only goes so far. Good facial care is crucial. Cleansing in the morning and before bed time is the absolute single best practice to have. Truthfully, I’ve slacked on that for the past couple of years. Stupid, stupid thing to do. If not for my 20+ year discipline prior to these past couple of years, I’d have some serious lines.

So there you go. I can only go up from here, right? Seriously, I do have some useful information I’d love to share with you. Call them beauty tips…call them what ev. I’ll share mine and you can share yours.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Beauty tips from an unglamour puss

  1. Hey, Cin. You have a strong sense of self to post your photo like that! I loved your commentary. One thing jumped out at me about thin eyebrows. I learned, years ago, that a possible symptom of hypothyroidism in women is thin eyebrows. So if you haven’t had your thyroid checked in recent years, you might want to get that looked at. Another symptom of low/no thyroid levels is being really tired a lot; lack of thyroid affects one’s energy level. However, from all the work you do, you sound like you have sufficient energy to get your various tasks completed as needed! Anyway, I enjoy your posts and wish you the best.

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