Exercising and Weight Loss….Ugh!

I have several blog entries that I wrote last year about exercising. In fact, what motivated me to start a blog in the first place was to chart weight loss in the menopausal years with a sense of humor. Those entries are full of excitement and are really funny…a pep talk to myself. But they were never posted because I didn’t continue past a week in any of my attempts. Being 55 and in full blown menopause for several years now, weight loss is not easy to master. But too….it’s not easy to master at any age as I’ve been on this road for 20 years.

So here I am at 2:30 in the morning on Monday, April 11, 2016 writing my first blog entry that will actually be published in regard to weight loss. I can’t sleep. I really do not have any readers at this point but I soon hope to and I’d like to show you my success….how I’m doing it…..and maybe you can find encouragement to do it to. But the thing is, I don’t know if I’ll succeed.

Dr. Phil says, “The best indicator of future success is past history.”  My past history with weight loss is years of failure. It’s scary to me. Yesterday Kelly and I were talking about me blogging about weight loss and he said that I need to start it (the weight loss journey and the blog) with a positive attitude. He is not wrong of course…and my attitude IS positive but it’s trumped by the feeling of fear that I will yet again not succeed. How about you? Have you been where I’m at?

Kel and I were going to start an exercise routine yet again last Monday but the fire at our other house occurred and the week was very disrupted and stressful. It’s the best excuse I’ve ever had to not exercise and I don’t ever want to have it again!

So today is the day. This first day of exercise isn’t filled with YOU CAN DO!!! bravado. Will I do it this time? I’m fearful that I’ll fail as I’ve done so many times in the past. What I do know is this:

Just take it one day at a time. And if I have to, take it one hour at a time. And if I have to, take it one minute at a time. But take it. Do it.

There is a lot to weight loss as we all know. And I can tell you from my own experience that weight loss is not achievable without decent diet habits. I didn’t get to where I am solely because I’m not exercising. So it’s not only starting an exercise routine…it’s starting a new way of eating…and that’s a lot to begin all at once. So I’m not going to! Take that you weight loss experts! This is how I’m going to begin:

  • Get up and exercise a minimum of five days this week.
  • Fill a pitcher with 64 ounces of water and drink it every day this week.
  • Leave some food on my plate at every meal.

I have no doubt that these three goals will be broke down to: today I’ll exercise, today I’ll drink water, today I’ll leave some oatmeal in my bowl.

There is no witty dialogue in this post. I’m very nervous! But today is THE DAY. It starts today. I don’t want to wait until I’m in the game without the nerves and concerns about failure. Dr. Phil also says,

“If you want to change your future then you have to change your history.”

Tomorrow morning I’ll have one day of history of success. Wednesday morning I’ll have two days…..

That’s it for now. The alarm will go off in 20 minutes and our very freakin’ early day will begin. We’ll be getting up at 4:00am to get our sweat on. Kel will go to the Y for his exercise and I will do a yoga video for strength and a Zumba video for cardio. One day I’ll post a clip of my two left feet. Ha! I do have a plan that I’ll share in the coming days. If you are beginning the same journey, want to begin it, or are well on your, please join me and share your thoughts, triumphs, and struggles. It’s damn hard! Let’s be sisters in sweat!

Bye for now…..


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