Workout…Days Four to Nine

Because I’m still new to blogging my blogs take a bit of time to write. Which is why these six days of my workout routine are lumped into one post. Other things in my life had to get done man. Things like grocery shopping and cooking and house cleaning and yard work take a back seat when I stay glued to my computer. So, in a nutshell here goes:

  • D4: I did it! Four days of history under this girl’s sweaty belt.
  • D5: I didn’t do it. It was in the plan but I skipped my workout. To add to that, this day was a day of gluttony. Pure gluttony. My brother, sis-in-law, and I went the Vintage Market Days. I’ll be writing a post about this fun day but for now, let’s just say my gluttony involved a sandwich called the Dog Pile.
  • D6: I did it! Day six was a Saturday and believe it or not…cuz it sure surprised me…I woke up early and had a really good workout. Even though I pulled my left gracilis muscle:
    inner thigh
    You’re gonna learn anatomy and physiology if you hang with me! I quickly figured out it was being strained mainly with the v-squats (is that what they’re called??) that is part of my Zumba dvd. I could walk just fine so cardio was finished up outside where I walked and shuffled. It could not be called jogging by anyone’s definition. Thank goodness it was still dark outside!
  • D7: I didn’t do it. Old history is creeping back in. While it is true that I spent over ten hours on my feet painting and working on my craft room….my fitbit was a happy camper….but it was not a workout so it doesn’t count. I could justify it by saying I wanted to give my strained muscle a rest but really, I can’t. I just didn’t do it.
  • D8: Monday started at 2:30am when I got a call from the hospital where I work to say there was an emergency surgery. The only thing….I was not on call, not supposed to be anyways. But my name was on the schedule so there you go. I went to work. It screws your day up being called in in the wee hours of the morning. Am I building up to a justified excuse for not working out? You betcha. Skipping two days in a row is a recipe for disaster. I’m losing my new history to create a new habit.
  • D9: I did it!!

I write all of this down because I’m thinking you may see yourself in my words. Are you perfect with a new workout routine? I’m not. Do you have days where you just want to pig out? I do. Do you fight you’re ‘normal’ in an effort to create a new habit? I do all the time.

Remember! 66 days for a new behavior to become an automatic habit. I’m just through nine days here. Cut yourself some slack but not too much slack. It’s f’in hard man! But if there is just one thing I would say to not do at this point, it is: Do Not Skip Two Days In A Row. I skip two days and I’m done. If not for this blog and my husband trying to establish a workout routine too, I would have likely stopped. Stopping and starting over and over again is my history. But I want a new history sister!!

If you are injured still do something. Pulled a leg muscle? If you’re overweight like me, don’t make it worse. Stop straining it asap. You’ll have to baby it a bit more than someone who is in shape. That’s okay! Walk if you can. Workout your upper body. There is a lot you can do!

!!! DON’T QUIT !!!

Thanks for reading!

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