Workout…Day Ten

So I’m gonna have to figure out other titles for my workout routine posts. Workout….Day OneHundredFortySeven just won’t cut it I think.

Day Ten…first of all…I did it!! Yeah me!

Day Ten is a day for me to decide how I want to move forward. I’ll tell you the truth: My plan was to start Self Magazine’s Six Weeks to Summer Challenge. I had an ulterior motive though. I would do the challenge and participate in the social media set up for challengers and drop my blog website in my posts and tweets. It’s a great plan to get readers to my blog if I do say so myself! The only thing is…that workout routine is not setting well with me. Here’s why:

  • It’s a plan to get your body bikini ready in six weeks….just in time for summer. First, I do not see me ever wearing a bikini again for the rest of my life. Sad but true!
  • Because the goal is to be bikini ready in six weeks, the plan is aggressive and so, in my opinion, it is for those who already have a pretty decent body. Certainly a level of fitness that I do not possess at the moment.
  • And here is where my husband will roll his eyes because I tend to want to do everything different from the ‘normal’ masses of people: I feel like the routine is primarily focused on the major muscle groups. And I don’t like that. I am a Tracy Anderson fan through and through. I think the reason I relate to her workout method so well is because I know more about the human body than most folks and I get where she’s coming from. (‘Hope that didn’t sound uppity! I’ve just taken several anatomy and physiology courses, have dissected a cadaver, and am up front and center to the OR table at the hospital where I work.)
  • TA works out the secondary muscles just as much, if not more, than the large muscle groups. Girlfriend has some weird positions she puts you in but I promise you will feel the burn. Her 3-pound arm routines will kick your ass! I shared a video in an earlier post where she explains where she’s coming from.

What does all of this have to do with Day Ten? Well….I’m sure you’ve heard about how your body tends to get used to the repetition of the same workout routine. When that happens it consumes less energy so it begins to burn less calories. There are other reasons to change things up: beat boredom, prevent overuse injuries, break through a weight loss plateau, and to use different muscles. Your brain also gets used to the same routine so changing it up forces your brain to think about what your doing. TA says to change up your routine every 10 days.

Is it 10 days of actual exercising…or 10 days into your program?

I don’t remember what she said about that. I didn’t workout 3 of my 10 days. I’m going to go with 10 days of exercising. Now, I’ve got 3 days to create a new routine.

There are many TA videos on YouTube. I found a channel on there called SportTheme that has a lot of her routines. It will be pretty dang easy to keep my muscles saying wtf?. I’m assuming because this channel has so many of her videos, and it has advertisers too, that the routines aren’t illegally copied.

So I have to come up with another way to get readers to my site. It would be very cool to have some sisters in sweat to communicate with!! I’m just a regular Jane and I have no doubt that we share the same challenges in losing weight.

And look at Tracy’s killer body:
workout routine

It’s sleek and smooth. That comes from working out muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Thanks for reading!


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