Workout…Day Three

Are you wondering if I’m going to have 365 posts charting each day I workout? Fear not. That ain’t gonna happen. But I do feel the first several days are important because many of us do not get past that. So I want to help get you past the first challenge (stopping after a few days) and by doing it it will get me past it too.

So…day three. I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped working out on day two. Meaning, day three didn’t happen. Being the curious sort, I went to the Great and Powerful Google to find out:
Average number of days people workout before they quit. Wow…this subject stumped the Google Queen (me). No matter how I phrased it…no luck. Well, I didn’t look at all 44+million findings but I did go into several pages on all my search phrases. And I can find anything on Google…anything! But today I failed. Believe it or not, this statistic is not easy to find. Hmmm.

Day three…I succeeded! Now, I have three days of history of success under my belt. I don’t know if this will work for you, but for me, right now anyways, I’m looking backward for my motivation. I’m not looking in the future. I’m not working toward my imaginary fit body. Right now, I’m just trying to create my new history of success. As I said in the first post: Dr. Phil says that your history is your prediction of future success.

I’m so focused on that mindset. When I was getting my Zumba on this morning, the thought of stopping after the video was done popped in my head. Why not? I got 30 minutes in! I can skip my arms, abs, and squat challenge (Day Two post). But my inner voice triumphed over what is my normal, familiar behavior. It said:

Tomorrow, you will want three days of history. Half a workout doesn’t cut it.

During my hunt for finding the average-number-of-days-people-workout-before-they-quit, I did read read this:

It takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit.

I found a study that says this was how long it takes people to perform an action automatically. In scientific speak: how long it took people to reach a limit of self-reported automaticity for performing an initially new behavior. Dang…had to add ‘automaticity’ to my dictionary. 🙂

So don’t quit! Right now your automatic behavior is to go back to your ‘normal’. Give this new behavior a shot. Okay?! I renamed this category of my blog to Sisters In Sweat from a boring name about shedding weight. Let’s do it together. Get your sweat on girl!

Real quickly, I did my whole routine. Today was the hardest day endurance wise but I pushed through.
Zumba:  I challenged my legs more and showed myself that I can bounce around without thinking I’m gonna break an ankle. On some of the steps I had to slow down and really focus on my legs. It’s okay to not keep to the count. Keeping form is what counts.
Arms:  It was painful today! But I did it.
Abs:  I also slowed down on some of these exercises because I wasn’t using good form with my crunches. Tracy Anderson has you do some weird things with your legs while you crunch up. And I’m still not trying the exercises in the plank position.
Squat Challenge: Piece of cake. It really is easy.

Don’t Quit!

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