Workout…Day Two

(Note from me…for some reason I didn’t publish this yesterday. I thought I hit the button!)

Did I want to get up this morning? No. Not at all. Doesn’t your bed feel the best ever when you’re supposed to get off of it? Man, mine sure does. Thank you Kelly for getting my butt out of our bed!

Did I want to exercise this morning? Not really. I did a chore when I got up instead of starting my workout. The house needs cleaning…okay! You know it’s bad when you want to clean house to avoid doing something else. But my inner voice reigned supreme and I worked out. What did that voice say that got me moving?

You have a history of one day of exercising. You need two days now.

The house still needs cleaning I’m happy to say cuz this girl worked out! Yea me!!

You know, there is a lot to say and share when starting an exercise program. Setting goals, motivation, what the experts say, nutrition…all that jazz. It’s just too much for one post and I’ll loose ya for sure. So I figure I’ll touch on topics at different times. For today, what am I doing? What is my workout regimen? Well I’ll tell ya:

I have several Zumba dvd’s and their “rizer” which is like the step riser from the 80’s only Zumba’s rizer is round. Lookie here:
workout studio
I don’t have good space in front of the TV. The edge of an area rug is right along the strip of floor I’d need to get my Zumba on. So the garage will have to do. I’m doing a 30-minute routine that’s for cardio and my legs.

For arms and upper body it’s my girl Tracy Anderson. If you don’t know her name, she is behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s killer body. I’ll be blogging about Tracy’s take on fitness another time. How she works out is how I want to too. I workout to this YouTube video:

This is a really good video…besides being a great workout…Tracy starts the video by talking about her method and why she does what she does. She gears movements to develop a feminine body, not a muscular body Per Se. You will never see her slinging a kettle ball! I can’t keep both arms up for the duration of the routine…when you are working out one side, the opposite arm stays out like you see above…but that’s okay.

For abs, it’s Tracy again:

Truthfully I cannot complete the entire video. She does some ab routines from the plank position (weird, but she knows what she’s doing!) and I simply do not have the upper body strength yet to perform them. A modified position would be a plank but on your knees…like a modified pushup position. Something’s up with my right knee. When I put weight on it a stab of pain hits the outer side so even the modified position is out for me for now. But that’s okay. It’s a 14-minute video and I’m doing half of it. Too, there is leg work in the routines I do perform.

I found these TA videos on a YouTube channel called SportTheme. It has a lot of her videos and I’ll be going back to them often. Her dvd’s can be pricey on her website. I’ve bought a few off of eBay.

Lastly…just for kicks….I’ve started this 30-Day Squat Challenge. Why? Because it’s so easy! I promise. It’s great for those who have been out of the workout loop for awhile.

So that’s it for my routine for now. I’ll be changing it up in the next few days and I’ll tell you why in another post.

Here is something I’ve noticed and maybe you have, or will, too. I’m unsure of my thigh strength. I noticed it when doing the Zumba Step. For doing squats, say, you are in a stationary position and bending at your knees. Very controlled. You are focused on your thigh muscles. But for Zumba, you are moving and a knee bend is just part of the movement. Make sense? I’m unsure of how much strength I have and concerned that I might stumble on the rizer and break something. So during those parts of the routine I’m not at my full intensity…which is not optimum in the first place.

The challenge for me is to push myself and see what I can do instead of being so cautious. I don’t know what my limitation with it is yet as I’m choosing being cautious. Tomorrow I’ll pay better attention.

I’m creating my new history! You create yours too!

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