Workout Day ……what workout?

This is a post I’ve been dreading to write. The old, normal, comfortable behavior has won out again. This is why posting about weight loss was a scary thing to start. What if I failed? Well, I did fail.

I quit. I went two days with no workout so the third day was easy to skip. I did not make it a priority. Yes, I got busy. Yes, I was called in to work. Yes, life happened. So what? I’m glad life happened…means I’m alive. 🙂

The truth is:

I did not make working out a priority. Plain and simple.

It’s been heavy on my mind ever since. And I want to start again. I just gotta do it. I just gotta bite the bullet. I do not have the same excuses as most people. No kids at home. I work from home and get called in when needed at a local hospital. I have no good reason.

Have you started and stopped exercising a gazillion times? I feel your frustration. But you keep trying. Keep starting back. I will too.


One thought on “Workout Day ……what workout?

  1. Sister Sue here. I too am overweight by 60 lbs. In February I had a complete hysterectomy which means no hormones in this body (no thyroid either). Out of desperation I turned myself in to the “fat police” and in 7 weeks I have lost 30 lbs of fat. I do not have to exercise. I am on the “Ideal Protein” plan. It costs about $100 per week, however the dollar amount does not matter right now because I am living the results. The last thing I want is another major health issue like diabetes. I am down 3 clothes sizes. Hunger is not an issue, but being around food everywhere I go is a problem. My response to food “everywhere” is to leave and go home. Oh, I do not take in enough calories to even be able to sustain a good workout. For now exercise is out.

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