The Chicken or the Egg?

Etsy is a whole new world. It’s one thing to be a buyer and poke around all the different shops. But when you become a seller…well…there’s two ways to go about it:

1.) Fill your shop up with stuff and open the doors. Post your shop on Facebook and ask your Friends to post it on theirs. Hopefully by word of FB you’ll get sales.

2.) Number 1 and promote your shop within the Etsy community and optimize your SEO. Good lord! It’s intimidating the amount of information at one’s fingertips. You can spend hours and hours and…do you get my drift….hours promoting your shop. There are teams you can join that are so helpful with promotion but you must participate because it isn’t fair if other shop owners promote you and you do not return the favor. And you do not want me to get into the nuts and bolts of SEO. You don’t even want to know what the acronym stands for, trust me on this.

My shop isn’t full yet. What is ‘full’? I don’t know but I gotta get there. But I also have to get my shop in people’s faces too so they will buy my wares. Do I make my things…cuz I have two other projects on deck and I want a variety of different things…or do I take the time to promote? What’s the sense of promoting if your shop isn’t full? Why have a full shop if you haven’t promoted yourself? What came first….the chicken or the egg?? I don’t know!!

And then there’s photography. It’s not the egg or the chicken. Shooting great photos is a necessity and requires a pretty dang good knowledge of your camera. And light boxes. And backgrounds. And shadows. And ISO. And F-stop. And….my brain just blew an artery.

So I’ve decided to go with the egg. I’m going to get more things in my shop. Also, instead of watching the news every morning I’ll spend that time…maybe an hour…and learn something new in the EC (Etsy community).

There are a gazillion shops folks. And I want to be a front runner. I need the chicken and the egg and I will have them both….at some point…soon…hopefully….geez.

Right now I’m making a few more passport covers in new styles. Here’s a peek:

pretty dragon fly with gossamer wings
This is a really pretty dragon fly with iridescent wings. It’s a departure from my skull girls and skull cherries. A softer side.

new passport cover styles
Here are the new styles. Besides the dragonflies and the flower power I’ve felted two Celtic designs. They are really cool. Not a great photo…still learning that.

That’s it!

Back to the egg!

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