The Summer of Doing Stuff – what a spur of the moment decision gets you


Awwww…. Summer.

Suntans. Green grass. Pretty flowers. No school zones to drive through. Fishing at the crack of dawn. Pool parties. Fresh-from-the-garden veggies. Beer drinking at the river. Chores.

Wait…what? Why is chores included on my idyllic list? Because I’ve gone and done something those who know me would say, “You’ve gone and done a stupid thing Cin”. I joined The Summer of Doing Stuff hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Karen Bertelsen, of The Art of Doing Stuff.

Karen stayed up one night drinking a jug of Lambrusco and thought of ways to torture the devoted followers of her blog. At least that’s how I imagine all of this went down. She came up with a bright idea of challenging her peeps to do things around their homes….things that have long been put off….things we don’t know where to start or how to start…..things like that. Each of the next three months has a theme.

  • June: I am challenged to eat a frog. Complete a project I’ve put off for a long time. Check. It’s a triple check as you’ll see shortly.
  • July: It’s a backyard challenge….create a relaxing area. July also comes with relaxation and meditative tips that I could probably use at this very moment because, like I said, I’ve gone and done something stupid.
  • August: This is a four room blowout month. Delete, ditch, declutter one room each week. When my husband reads this post I know for certain he will be looking forward to August.

So what is my frog? Oh I went big time my friends. I went with the laundry room:

summer of doing stuff 1
The insanity of these doors opening into each other has got to stop! The clutter on top of the machines will be gone. I have to figure out the plumbing configuration in the back so that the machines can be pushed back some. Maybe then I can reach the cabinet and shelves.

summer of doing stuff 2
No words need be said. We all know what needs to be done here.

summer of doing stuff 3
This is a long plank of wood that is basically secured at each end. The plank rests on a puny 1×2 strip along the back wall and even that is broke. We are careful not to put anything heavy up here.

Walls and ceiling will be painted a cheery color.

My success will be epic. Or…my failure will be epic.

Stay tuned!!

The Best Tool Ever …

So I had started on my molehill-to-mountain project of decorating and organizing my craft room last week. After a weekend spent doing outside chores, the plan was to get back in that room this past Monday. But we had a fire at another house we own early Monday morning. Wow, that is a time-consuming event to handle. With this week is nearing its end I just now have time to get back to it. Which brings me to: The Best Tool Ever!

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