The Best Tool Ever …

So I had started on my molehill-to-mountain project of decorating and organizing my craft room last week. After a weekend spent doing outside chores, the plan was to get back in that room this past Monday. But we had a fire at another house we own early Monday morning. Wow, that is a time-consuming event to handle. With this week is nearing its end I just now have time to get back to it. Which brings me to: The Best Tool Ever!

best tool ever“But that’s just a screwdriver,” you say. “I have my power screwdriver…I don’t need no stinkin’ 20th century screwdriver!” But that’s where you are wrong my friends. Sometimes you gotta go old school. Sometimes a hand powered screwdriver is just what you need. And they do not get any better than this baby.

Check out it:
best tool ever
It’s a four-in-one screwdriver. It is my most beloved tool. It has it’s own special place so I know where to find it. So deep is my love for this tool that it’s only one of two things I cared to take with me when I divorced my first husband nearly 20 years ago. The other thing is a tape measure. Geez…what does that say about a marriage???

Today I needed it for this:
the best tool ever
The guy who owned the house before us had a thing with drywall screws. They are EVERYWHERE in this house. Now, I get it…I get the need for drywall screws and if you are not familiar with drywall screws you probably should be. But this guy was overkill to the max with them. I removed 21 drywall screws from my craft room. 21!!

And now I have 21 of these:
the best tool ever 1
21 freaking holes that need patched. Actually the number is closer to 30 all told but it’s 21 of this size. I’m not a happy camper about it . That is a post for another day.

Today it’s about how I removed all the screws….with The Best Tool Ever! Want one? Just go to your nearest home improvement store, or go to the Great and Wonder Google and google: 4 in 1 screwdriver. Don’t buy wimpy. You can get one for less than 20 bucks but don’t buy a $6 one. And do not go and buy that girlie pink-handled nonesense unless it’s Craftmaster-type quality and I’ve haven’t seen any like that to date.

Takeaway:  Technology can not replace some good old fashioned tools….not for every job anyways. I keep this screwdriver and a retractable measuring tape that has a level on it in a top secret place so they do not end up in my husband’s junk tool bag. (Another post idea right there!) Buy some basic, good quality tools. Put them in a place where you know you can always find them…provided you always put them back!

Until next time!!


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