Beauty tips from an unglamour puss

Here is where ‘beauty’ and ‘unglamour’ will live happily ever after.

Beauty tips. From me. Hahahaha! And do you know that unglamour is not a word? I’m sure you do. But its a word now….at least in my dictionary because I added it. It’s official. In trying to find an antonym for glamour the Great and Wonderful Google had two:
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Workout Day ……what workout?

This is a post I’ve been dreading to write. The old, normal, comfortable behavior has won out again. This is why posting about weight loss was a scary thing to start. What if I failed? Well, I did fail.

I quit. I went two days with no workout so the third day was easy to skip. I did not make it a priority. Yes, I got busy. Yes, I was called in to work. Yes, life happened. So what? I’m glad life happened…means I’m alive. 🙂
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Workout…Day Ten

So I’m gonna have to figure out other titles for my workout routine posts. Workout….Day OneHundredFortySeven just won’t cut it I think.

Day Ten…first of all…I did it!! Yeah me!

Day Ten is a day for me to decide how I want to move forward. I’ll tell you the truth: My plan was to start Self Magazine’s Six Weeks to Summer Challenge. I had an ulterior motive though. I would do the challenge and participate in the social media set up for challengers and drop my blog website in my posts and tweets. It’s a great plan to get readers to my blog if I do say so myself! The only thing is…that workout routine is not setting well with me. Here’s why:
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Workout…Days Four to Nine

Because I’m still new to blogging my blogs take a bit of time to write. Which is why these six days of my workout routine are lumped into one post. Other things in my life had to get done man. Things like grocery shopping and cooking and house cleaning and yard work take a back seat when I stay glued to my computer. So, in a nutshell here goes:
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Workout…Day Three

Are you wondering if I’m going to have 365 posts charting each day I workout? Fear not. That ain’t gonna happen. But I do feel the first several days are important because many of us do not get past that. So I want to help get you past the first challenge (stopping after a few days) and by doing it it will get me past it too.

So…day three. I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped working out on day two. Meaning, day three didn’t happen. Being the curious sort, I went to the Great and Powerful Google to find out:
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Workout…Day Two

(Note from me…for some reason I didn’t publish this yesterday. I thought I hit the button!)

Did I want to get up this morning? No. Not at all. Doesn’t your bed feel the best ever when you’re supposed to get off of it? Man, mine sure does. Thank you Kelly for getting my butt out of our bed!

Did I want to exercise this morning? Not really. I did a chore when I got up instead of starting my workout. The house needs cleaning…okay! You know it’s bad when you want to clean house to avoid doing something else. But my inner voice reigned supreme and I worked out. What did that voice say that got me moving?
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Exercising and Weight Loss….Ugh!

I have several blog entries that I wrote last year about exercising. In fact, what motivated me to start a blog in the first place was to chart weight loss in the menopausal years with a sense of humor. Those entries are full of excitement and are really funny…a pep talk to myself. But they were never posted because I didn’t continue past a week in any of my attempts. Being 55 and in full blown menopause for several years now, weight loss is not easy to master. But too….it’s not easy to master at any age as I’ve been on this road for 20 years.
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