F R E E D O M ! ! ! …. Choose a Paint Palette

So I want to really make my craft room pretty and functional.

To that end, my sister-in-law, Carmen, is coming to help me decorate. It’s good to have another opinion and it’s certainly more fun, you know?

To that end, I feel I must get the room cleaned up and cleared out…..just like the professionals do. They clear the room completely out and only bring back in what is useful and/or pretty and place it in the perfect spot.

To that end, I feel its a good time to go ahead and paint it. You see, this is what happens. All I want is stuff on the walls. Now, I have a cleared out craft room and a junked up spare bedroom. This is not the first time this scenario has played out. The goal is to keep the turnaround time to a minimum.

Making mountains out of molehills is something I’m pretty good at. I’ll be posting this adventure once it’s all done but, for now, there is the issue of paint color:

I don’t need to post a pic of the paint aisle from my neighborhood DIY store. You’ve all been there. You all know. And I imagine you all have a collection similar to this:

choose a paint palette for your home
Many a home has rooms painted with weird color combinations that sounded good at the time. Our master bedroom is one of them.

I finally said, “No…no more people! No more madness from you paint companies! I can no longer handle all of these paint chips! My brain is not a color wheel! I need some relief man! I need freedom!” Do you feel the same way? How can you choose a paint palette for your home that actually works for every room?

Enter: HGTV Home Color Collections….Designed For Room-To-Room Harmony. (Queue the soothing sound of your choice.)
choose a paint palette for your home

HGTV Home has created several paints with 20 colors in each that all coordinate within that palette. It doesn’t matter what color you paint the hallway, or living room, or bedroom, or the doors. It doesn’t matter the colors you choose for the baseboards or the crown. Because you can’t go wrong. It’s heaven!

Do you like coastal colors? There’s a paint palette for that. Rustic? Yep, one of those too. Are you eclectic? This one is the hardest to pull off and, sorry to say it, I see mostly failures on the At Home page on Facebook. (Everyone replies saying how beautiful it looks and I’m thinking really??) But guess what? HGTV has a palette for that and if you are eclectic your freedom awaits.

So….You go from this:
choose a paint palette for your home

To this:
choose a paint palette for your home
We chose Neutral Nuance. I put one of these booklets in Kel’s truck, my SUV, and one in our home. That way….no matter who’s vehicle we’re in or if we are at home and we have a convo about painting (for the 100th time), we have our colors with us. Should we be looking for home accessories we have our palette to make sure it all works. And don’t get me wrong….pops of red WILL make it’s way into our decor even though it’s not an official color of this pallet. As for the two chips on the far right they are the only two keepies from my old collection.

So…here’s a secret on how to get your significant other to agree on your paint palette of choice….if he/she wants to have an opinion. Grab all the booklets from the store and put your top three choices on the top of the pile. Then hand them over to your SO and ask him/her to choose their top three. Chances are very good at least one of their choices is one of yours. If not…I got nothin’ for ya.

I’ve decided on Jogging Path (1st chip in the swirled samples) as my wall color and Mercury Glass (top chip of my keepies) for the ceiling. The trim will be the Dover White (3rd from right of the swirls)

It’s looking like Netsuke for the kitchen (chip 5). For our foyer, I’ll be using the Blonde (chip 13) for the walls and I’m popping the front and closet doors with Riverway (chip 10). Surprise honey! You chose the palette (eh eh eh).

Ahhh…..no worries. Like I said….F R E E D O M.

Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: Sherwin Williams doesn’t have a clue who I am. Truthfully, though I’m sure SW is very good paint and please use it if you’d like, I’m a Behr girl and I’ll be taking my chip to Home Depot who also doesn’t have a clue who I am. As for HGTV, I didn’t win the 2016 Dream House so I’m guessing they don’t have a clue who I am either.)

– paint palette-

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