Great Sale on WordPress tutorials! Sale ends April 4

I realize there are only a few souls who are following me at this point…and I’m grateful for all three of you. ha!

I’ve come across a great sale and you know us girls. Even if it can’t be worn, displayed or eaten we cannot pass up a great sale. The author of the book I bought, WordPress for Beginners, has a website: ezSEO Newsletter. His name is Andy Williams and I’ve been learning so much from him.

Anyways he is having a killer sale on some important online tutorials if you are blogging…..want to start blogging….want to optimize your online presence….or are in LocalHost hell like myself. The normal cost for courses on sale is anywhere from $49 to $199. Through April 4th, they are being offered at the rock bottom price of $8….that’s right…it is not a typo.

I purchased:

  • How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search
  • SEO 2016 – Better Search Engine Ranking With Safe SEO
  • Install WordPress Locally – No Monthly Web Hosting Costs.
    • This course is going to be my savior….I’ll be beating that puny 2M max file size and posting video content before you know it. Bam!

For me, 24 buckaroos well spent. If you are into blogging you know there are a gazillion websites to help you. So many in fact that you (meaning, I) can’t move forward because you’re (meaning, I’m)  searching for just the right one. Look no further my three amigos…Andy has us covered.

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